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With less than a month at the helm of Motorola Mobility, Rick Osterloh took to the twitter-sphere to announce that Motorola has shipped 6.5 million devices globally in the first quarter of 2014. It was a simple announcement of a number that struggles to compare to the top producers, but 6.5 million is a respectable number for big M.

There are no specifics to speak of, but we suspect these results are in large part thanks to the success of their affordable Moto G Android smartphone that has been setting sales records for the company. Other devices that make up Motorola’s sales would have included the Moto X and a slew of DROID brand devices, like the DROID Maxx and DROID Ultra.

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In February, Motorola opened the Moto G for sales in India; exclusive vendor, Flipkart, reported selling out of all stock in the first 15 minutes. With a starting price of $179 in the U.S. for the standard and unlocked versions for the Moto G, it has proven an affordable unit, possibly the best bang for the buck device on the market. And if $179 is too pricey, there is a carrier specific version of the Moto G at Verizon and U.S. Cellular that runs for just $99 ($89 if you catch special deals.)

Compared to some of the larger smartphone manufacturers around the globe, Motorola’s 6.5 million units feels a little small. Samsung loves to announce when it has reached certain milestones, such as 10 million Galaxy Note 3s sold in two months, or 10 million Galaxy S4s sold in only 30 days. However, if we look at some of Motorola’s own history, we see a company that delivered just 3.9 million units for the same period in 2013, and only shipped half a million of their ‘flagship’ Moto X devices in its first quarter on the market, which means that 6.5 million units is something to celebrate.

What’s next for Motorola?

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Motorola Mobility has been known as “Motorola a Google Company” since Google purchased the company less than 3 years ago. This is all about to change as we are seeing the final stages of the sale of Motorola over to Chinese based Lenovo. Only Lenovo knows what Motorola will look like by the end of the year, but until the sale is finalized, Motorola is pushing forward with more rumored devices. The Moto X+1 is expected to replace the Moto X, and the XT1021 series may come soon as well for a fraction of the cost of the Moto G. Aside from the rumors, it is a safe bet that the officially announced Motorola Moto 360 smartwatch (pictured above) has captured the attention of many, promising the best that Android Wear has to offer in its innovative, yet oh-so-classic, round watch face design.

Is Motorola’s pending sale to Lenovo making you hold off on purchasing a Motorola smartphone?