For CES 2012, Motorola Mobility will be treating its guest to a preview of two new devices from their line-up. Called the MotoLuxe and Defy Mini, you can expect these new Gingerbread Android smartphones to be launched in the coming weeks in Greater China, Latin America and in Europe.


First on the line up is MotoLuxe, a smartphone that has touch-only features along with a 512MB RAM, 1GB ROM, 800MHz processor and a 4.0 inch display. Additional features include several Google apps, GPS, Wi-Fi connectivity, 1400mAh battery and Bluetooth 3.0. It certainly is far from the other top of the line players that Motorola has been releasing, but for first time Android users, it is more than enough.

This unit has already made a cameo in some parts of China and is referred to as the Motorola XT615.

Defy Mini

Compared with the MotoLuxe, the exterior of the Defy Mini surely does not say a lot. But that’s just what it looks like on the outside. In fact, it is just like its larger predecessor: a water-resistant, scratch proof and dust proof device capable of almost anything. In addition, the device can be taken as a 2 year old Android due to its specifications. The phone has a 3.2 inch display, 600MHz processor, 3MP rear camera, VGA front facing camera, and microSD expansion card slot.

The Motorola Defy Mini will be given a new name of Motorola XT320 when it makes a debut in the market.

Both the Defy Mini and MotoLuxe feature MotoSwitch, one of Motorola’s latest innovations on an interface which promises to evolve and adapt to its user’s habits. When it does, it will arrange commonly used apps and contacts to give its user easy access to them. Apart from the MotoSwitch, there are a number of other features such as Activity Graph, Social Graph, Music Now and Smart Gallery.

As of now, there are no prices specified for the two but they are expected to be within a budget price range.


Christine Torralba
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