Guy Kawasaki Moto X

Delivering happiness, and the Moto X!

Oh, Guy Kawasaki, you crack us up.

As only he can do, Guy has posted a YouTube video of an unboxing for his custom Moto X. It’s slow motion, and comes preloaded with Guy Kawasaki acting like a boss.

Filmed with a Moto X, about a Moto X, starring the guy who is all about the Moto X. I’ve either entered some sort of parallel universe, or Guy Kawasaki is rubbing it in that he has many Moto X devices. Either is fine, really, I just want to know what’s going on.

In the video, we learn about a four-day turnaround for custom devices, which is good news after doubting the process earlier today. From custom to cradled in your hand, four days isn’t a bad wait time. Seems like Motorola has it all together, and is ready for launch on the 23rd.