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Moto X trumps the Galaxy S4, iPhone 5S and the 5C in a test for durability

In a test to see which of the most popular smartphones is the most durable, the Moto X comes out as a surprise winner. Read on for all the details!
September 23, 2013
Apple iPhone 5s vs Motorola Moto X aa 16

Cases have become a necessity with today’s smartphones, so it’s obvious as to why people flock to drop tests to see if a smartphone is durable enough to last without a case. So protection plan company SquareTrade has pitted four of the most popular smartphones on the market in a test to see which would come out as the most durable smartphone.

The Samsung Galaxy S4, Moto X and Apple’s iPhone 5S and 5C were first pitted against each other in a 5 foot drop test onto their sides on concrete, where the Samsung Galaxy S4’s display did not shatter, but instead separated from the rest of the casing and was rendered unusable.

The Moto X only suffered a small dent on the corner and was still functional. The iPhone 5S also survived the drop test with minimal cosmetic damage while the iPhone 5C’s display shattered, but was still functional.

In the next test the four smartphones were slid across a wooden table to see how far they’d slide. The Moto X did very well in this test, sliding only 3 feet across the table.The iPhone 5C came in second, sliding 3.4 feet across the table, the Galaxy S4 came third, sliding 4 feet across the table and the iPhone 5S came in last, sliding right off of the table.

The Moto X passed the tests with flying colors.

The final test was the water resistance test where the four smartphones were dunked into the water for 10 seconds while playing a video. The Moto X again passed the test with flying colours proving to be fully functional after the water test. The iPhone 5S and 5C also remained fully functional while the S4 shut itself off.

Check out SquareTrade’s video testing the durability of the four smartphones and then check out our own drop tests of the Galaxy S4 and the iPhone 5S and 5C.