Moto X

Today was supposed to be the day that consumers could grab a MotoMaker customized Moto X off-contract for $150 off the normal price, but unfortunately all did not go as planned. Due to heavy traffic, the site ran into several problems that made the MotoMaker virtually unusable. As a result, Motorola ended up temporarily suspending their Cyber Monday promotion.

Although the $150 sale will not resume today, the good news is that Motorola is planning to give the promotion another go on December 4th and again on December 9th. While it’s annoying to have to wait longer, at least Motorola is doing its best to fix the situation.

So if you have your heart set at getting the 16GB Moto X for $349.99 or the 32GB model for $399.99, you’ll want to try your luck again this coming Wednesday and on the following Monday.

Here’s to hoping that Motorola’s servers are better prepared for the traffic next time around.Were you able to get the Moto X today, or did you end up running into problems? Plan on trying again during the rescheduled dates? Let us know in the comments!

Andrew Grush
Andrew Grush has been with Team AA for 5 years now. He's passionate about tech, writing, gaming, and doing his best to help grow the AA team.