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Moto X: potential shipping delays, wood version cost and new TV ad

Motorola sort-of announced that the shipping of the first custom Moto X units may be delayed because of an expected "high demand" for the handset; a website discovered that the wooden version may cost $50 extra, and there's a new Moto X TV ad out.
August 23, 2013
Moto X

The Moto X has just launched with AT&T and we already have a few updates about the handset that you should be aware of. And there’s a new TV ad for Motorola’s flagship handset.

Shipping delays

One of the benefits of having the Moto X built in the USA is being able to ship the custom versions of the handset in a timely manner – up to four days according to the company. But it looks like that may not be the case, at least not at first.

In a blog post reminding potential buyers that AT&T is ready to take orders for the handset, Motorola said that MotoMaker will be up an running “very soon,” but because of a potential high demand for the handset some delays are expected, at least at launch:

[quote qtext=”We’ll be working hard to get your customized Moto X to you as quickly as possible. We expect that because of high demand, initial shipping times may vary. But we will get that down to 4 days or less as soon as we possibly can. We’ll also be adding digital printing in the future, so you can include a personal message on the back of your Moto X.” qperson=”” qsource=”” qposition=”center”]

From the text above, is hard to say how long the devices will be delayed, so we’ll just have to wait for the company to start taking orders for customized versions to get actual shipping times.

Wood Moto X to be more expensive?

Not long after the Moto X became official we talked about the wooden version of the handset and we wondered whether the company will charge a premium for them.

Moto X

Digging through the Motorola website, Droid-Life discovered that wooden versions of the phone may come with a $50 premium price – although that’s yet to be confirmed by the company (see image above and second Source link below).

Assuming that’s true, then the 16GB model with a wooden back will cost $249 on-contract instead of $199, while the 32GB model will be priced at $299 instead of $249 (also on contract).

New TV ad

Finally, Motorola has released a new TV ad for the Moto X, which highlights the design of the handset – in particular the shape of the phone’s back:

Designed By You, For You” is the slogan of the short TV clip above, and we can expect to see more Moto X promotion in the future (here are the first TV ads for the handset). After all, Google is rumored to spend lots of money marketing the handset.