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Updated Moto X may be called Moto X+1, feature leather back

The successor to the Moto X could be called the "X+1", and Motorola is preparing to offer leather as part of its customization program, claims @evleaks.
April 7, 2014


A couple of tantalizing clues of Motorola’s plans for this year came our way over the weekend, courtesy of good old @evleaks.

First, the pro leaker published an image that suggests Motorola is going to use the “X+1” name for the successor of the Moto X. As usual, @evleaks doesn’t provide any details about this morsel of info, other than to say it’s “coming soon.” We can speculate that Motorola is preparing a refreshed version of the Moto X, instead of a proper successor, given that the company hinted in the past at a late summer release for the second-gen Moto X. The name itself hints at an incremental update over the Moto X, rather than a big overhaul.

moto x plus 1

We don’t know what the Moto X+1 will bring to the table, but a second tweet from @evleaks might give us a clue.

Is a leather option coming to the Moto X (or the Moto X+1)? It’s very likely. In the past, we heard rumors about other materials considered for the back of the Moto X, with leather explicitly mentioned. Currently, Motorola is offering several wood finishes in its customization program, in a category called “Natural”. The fact that Motorola uses Natural, instead of a more straightforward “Wood” for the name may be another clue that the company is planning new material options for the Moto X.

Several smartphone manufacturers, mostly from the luxury tier, offer smartphones with real leather backs; the Vertu Constellation series, for instance, comes with a handmade alligator leather build. The challenge for Motorola would be to mass-produce attractive leather back plates, while keeping costs reasonable. Currently, wood backs for the Moto X cost an extra $25, down from the $50 Motorola asked for them at launch. Leather will probably carry a similar premium.