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Rumor: Moto X phone to offer “pure Android” experience, “fast” upgrades and Clear Pixel camera

A person that has been accurate about the Moto X phone before, now says the phone will offer a "pure Android" experienced, including fast upgrades and that the device will feature a Clear Pixel camera.
July 8, 2013
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A new set of Moto X phone rumors seems to reveal more information about the upcoming flagship Motorola smartphone, this time detailing Android updates and main camera.

Android and Me’s Taylor Wimberly is the person behind the new rumors, the same source that has offered various details about the Moto X so far, many of them accurate.

Wimberly took to Google+ again to share information about the Moto X. First he mentioned the camera:

Moto X will feature a Clear Pixel Camera with gesture controls.

It’s not clear at this time – pun not intended – what the Clear Pixel camera actually is. Sure, it’s a marketing term probably devised to compete against HTC’s UltraPixel, but other than that we have no idea what camera powers it will feature. Wimberly did say about it that “it means ‘dark, blurry pics and lack of details” will be things of the past,” without revealing camera functions.

A previous rumor revealed the phone will pack a 10-megapixel main shooter, and we’re certainly interested to see more details about those gesture controls, not to mention the camera-related contextual awareness features – the phone will supposedly know when you want to take a picture and automatically start the camera app.

Wimberly also mentioned Android updates for the handset in a different short Google+ post:

Moto X will feature a “pure Android” user experience with a commitment to “fast upgrade cycles.

This isn’t the first time we hear that the Moto X will offer a stock Android experience – or close to it – so we’re certainly not surprised to see it mentioned. It makes sense for Motorola to go this way considering that it’s a Google company.

However, this won’t be a Nexus device, most likely because Google still feels the need to keep the two worlds separate – Motorola handsets and the Nexus family – so it doesn’t look like it’s playing favorites to the other OEMs.

That said, it’ll certainly be interesting to see how fast the Moto X will be upgraded to the latest Android version available, especially when compared to existing Nexus devices that will be eligible for similar upgrades.

In addition to today’s rumors, we have already covered the most important Moto X rumors for you, and showed you a few images reportedly featuring the front and back side of the handset.