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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that the Moto X is coming. Over the past few days, we had leak, after leak, after leak. Or should I say “leak”?

Here are some of my thoughts on the (over-) hyping campaign that’s been going on.

1. Some (most?) of the leaks were controlled

I am almost positive that, when that Motorola SVP whipped his Moto X to film Google Plus sensation Daria Musk, he was pretty sure that the video would end up on tech sites. Heck, you can almost see it on his face. Don’t get me started on Eric Schmidt, casually talking on his Moto X at a public event teeming with professional photographers. I can only speculate on leaks from other sources, but supplying insider info to friendly sites is standard procedure.

2. The launch of the device is imminent

I think that the Moto X is going to be made official in a matter of days or a couple of weeks at most. Motorola is actively hyping it at this point, and its PR experts know that a good publicity campaign should not drag so long that it bores people. The private event from this week, that luminaries of the tech press attended to see the device ahead of launch, is another clue that the Moto X should hit the markets soon.

3. Motorola really wants the Moto X to succeed

After months of self-imposed silence, the Google-owned company wants to come back with a bang. Remember that we’re talking about the proud company that has shaped the telecom industry for decades. Motorola doesn’t need to succeed yet, thanks to Google’s benevolent protection, but it certainly wants to make it big. The hype building, the huge marketing budget, the rumored international roll out, they all paint the image of a company that put all its weight behind one goal.

4. The hype building works!

People are genuinely excited over the Moto X, more than they’ve been over any other device in the last year or so. Just skim the comments sections of Moto X articles on AA and other sites. Sure, there are some who declare themselves disappointed with the mid-range specs of the phone. But many others say they can’t wait for the phone or that they’re going to ditch their current device for the Moto X, “if the leaks pan out”. Which takes me to the next point…

5. It may be too much

I sure hope Motorola did a wonderful job with the Moto X. If the rumored customization options are just gimmickry or if the awareness that Motorola is said to have built into the Moto X fails to impress, people will be disappointed. Experience has taught me that expectations are almost always higher than the reality, and the bigger the discrepancy, the harder the backlash is. Will the Moto X be an exception?

5.5 What hasn’t leaked?

Any magician knows that the secret of the perfect trick is to distract the attention of spectators, while the real magic happens where they least expect it. This is just speculation on my side, but what else is Motorola preparing besides the Moto X? What if the controlled leaks were also meant to conceal other surprises that Motorola may have in store?

Again, these are just a few thoughts and educated guesses. Feel free to share yours in the comments.

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