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Moto X could launch on August 1, purported “Goodbye Moto” ad campaign seems to suggest

A couple of proposed ad campaigns for Motorola suggest a rebranding is on the way for the company, but also hint that the Moto X could be launched on August 1.
June 25, 2013
Hello Again concept ad

A new proposed ad campaign for Motorola seems to indicate that the company will go through some sort of big branding changes, with August 1 tipped as a big day for the company.

According to images published on by designer B.A. Bäkken and labeled “pitch work for Motorola,” the company may be going through a rebranding phase. It’s not clear whether Bäkken will indeed be working on the company’s next ad campaign, but if that’s actually the case, then Motorola may flood billboards and newspapers with “Goodbye Moto” ads, as seen in the following gallery.

Here’s what one of those images reads:

We’re not good at goodbyes. No one is. They’re hard. And sad. But the time has come. After nearly a century of innovation, we must say farewell. Farewell to the first handheld cell phone. To the Razr. To the game snake. Farewell to the Motorola that has shaped today.

It’s time to start building tomorrow. Change is afoot. New faces. New ideas. New technologies. The Motorola that returns will not be the company you once knew. But we have some work to do. So until we’re ready, we’re going away. No new ads or tweets. No site updates. Just silence until we begin the next chapter.

Until we meet again, goodbye Moto.

Various images have a date on them, 8.1.13, which could be the day of Motorola’s rebirth – assuming the ad campaign is indeed real. And what better way to relaunch itself than by releasing the already confirmed Moto X smartphone? Some of the images also feature a timer that reads 37 days 13 hours. The concept ads have been published on June 23, which is about 38 days away of August 1. A June 11 date is also present, and very puzzling for that matter.

Then again, August 1 may be just a placeholder date, and we could be reading too much into it. However, previous rumors did say that the Moto X could arrive in August. As for Motorola, the company did say the phone will launch this summer, without providing actual release dates.

The same designer has a second gallery of concept ads that also seem to be “pitch work for Motorola,” for what looks like the second phase of the ad campaign, which seems to be called “Hello again.” Both projects are tagged inside as “rebrand.”

While the first ads were dominated by a gloomy black, the new images feature cheerful colors (an indication to potential color options for the Moto X?), and they even show a Motorola Android handset. “Hello again” seems to be the new message, but there are several other tag lines concerning change – you will note that the Motorola logo is very much in the picture:

  • Nothing won’t change.
  • What could change? How about everything.

The longest bit of text says on one of the ads says the following:

[quote qtext=”A word to the billion people the world has never heard from before. Hello.” qperson=”” qsource=”” qposition=”center”]

Is Motorola referring to people that aren’t yet connected to the Internet? On stage during I/O 2013, Google did say that it wants to bring more people online and Motorola could definitely be used to help with that, among other things.

We’ll note that we’re just speculating at this point, as there’s nothing official regarding this alleged branding change for Motorola, and the company is yet to announce launch dates for the Moto X.

As for the ads, we would assume that such concept work would remain hidden until being shown to the world for the first time, not displayed online ahead of the start of such a complex ad campaign.

Did Motorola actually call for such concepts from designers, or does Bäkken simply believe that a rebranding campaign is in order for the company? When going through other concept ads in his portfolio on, you’ll notice that Bäkken has posted similar “pitch work” or “proposed design” concepts for other companies. On further investigation, you’d find out that Bäkken is a Design Director with Venables Bell & Partners, an ad agency in San Francisco that has plenty of reputable clients including companies like Intel, Amazon, Audi, BMW and many others. However, Motorola isn’t one of them, or at least not yet.

Did Bäkken inadvertently revealed Moto’s upcoming ad plans? We’ll just have to wait and see whether any ads carrying the “Goodbye Moto” and “Hello again” messages will start appearing all over the place in the coming weeks/months.