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Open thread: Is this really the “just right” size for a smartphone?

Motorola apparently plans to market the Moto X as the world’s most compact high-end Android device. But is a compact build still desirable in the age of super phones?
July 30, 2013
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Note: read our updated Moto X roundup for all the details on specs and features.

The image above (you can click on it for a larger version) is based on a render that the already notorious Moto X  leaker Taylor Wimberly recently posted on Google Plus. Basically, I took his image of the Moto X and the iPhone 5 and scaled it so they are proportionally correct placed besides other top smartphones.

In case you can’t tell, the devices are, in order, iPhone 4, iPhone 5, Moto X, Lumia 1020, Galaxy S4, HTCOne, Note 2, and Galaxy Mega 6.3.

According to Taylor Wimberly, Motorola wants to sell the Moto X as the world’s most compact high-end Android smartphone. Looking at the simple image I made and judging from the many things that we already know about it, Motorola isn’t exaggerating too much.

Remember what Motorola’s chief of design said back in spring about the Moto X’s size:

[quote qtext=”there’s a sweet spot for consumers that we’re currently exceeding in the market. There are some people that like a big display, but there’s also a lot of people that want something that’s just about right. I think ‘just right’ is important, and we’re designing so we don’t disappoint those people.” qperson=”Jim Wicks, Motorola” qsource=”” qposition=”center”]

At least for me, the “just right” sweet spot for a smartphone is definitely at the right end of my improvised scale.

How about you? Is the Moto X just the “right size” for you? Looking forward to your opinions.