Rogers Moto X video leak

The Moto X will reportedly launch in various international markets this year, if a certain report is to be believed.

According to Brazilian website MobileExpert, the handset will be launched in the region in August. Apparently Motorola Brazil has confirmed via Twitter that the launch for the handset is apparently set for August, although an actual launch date or pricing details have not been mentioned:

We already know the handset is heading to Canada thanks to that leaked Rogers video showing the device in action.

When checking regional Motorola X websites, we have noticed that both the Brazilian and Argentinian Motorola sites show Moto X teasers – a black background with white text (see images below). The Brazilian teaser reads “Moto X Aguarde” (Moto X Wait?) while the Argentinian teaser reads “Moto X Muy Pronto” (Moto X Coming Soon?).

We have also checked other Motorola sites for European, Asian and African countries and/or regions, but the teaser page has not come up.

Only two other regional Motorola websites show the same teaser text, the U.S. and Canadian ones, but for both the text is a little changed: “Moto X August 1, 2013.” Considering that these local websites show different teaser text for the handset, should we understand from the U.S. and Canadian pages that the phone will actually be launched on August 1, as some rumors indicate? We’ll only have the official answer to that question in two days.