Moto X

Unlike other smartphones that are available at launch in limited color options, the Moto X will be available in a variety of colors and materials right away, at least from AT&T.

The carrier will offer various customizing options to users and there’s a special tool to make that possible – meet the MotoMaker.

In addition to releasing the first Moto X ads earlier today, Motorola has also published a short video in which it shows you how to Moto Make the Moto X. The video is less than 90 seconds long, but walks us through all the steps required to customize the handset.

With the Moto X you’ll be able to choose the color for the back and front, set up the accents” and signature (if any), select a case, headphones (also available in different colors) and charger.

Moreover, you’ll be able to choose memory capacity, set up a name that will appear when turning on the phone, add a wallpaper and sign in with your Google account during the MotoMaker process.

Once the order is processed, the custom Moto X will be shipped to you in “four days or less.”

While AT&T will initially be the only U.S. carrier to ship custom Moto X versions, Verizon will offer MotoMaker support later this year.