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Moto X (Google X Phone) confirmed at D11, will be “contextually aware”

Motorola officials have unexpectedly confirmed the Google X Phone –apparently called Moto X – during a D11 interview. Read on for more details!
May 29, 2013
X Phone concept
X Phone concept

Motorola officials have unexpectedly confirmed the Google X Phone – apparently called Moto X – during a D11 interview.

Moto’s Dennis Woodside and Regina Dugan took the stage at D11 to talk about, well, Motorola-related things, and the Moto X came out.

The phone has not actually been shown, but Woodside confirmed that the device is called Moto X and that he had it in his pocket but was unable to show it.

This is most likely the Google X Phone we’ve been talking about for so long, and Moto X is most likely the device spotted at the FCC recently in various versions: XT1058 (AT&T), XT1056 (Sprint) and XT1060 (Verizon). Motorola did say that the phone will be “broadly distributed” with carriers offering a “great” response so far.

Woodside did not reveal that many details about the Moto X, but he did say that the phone will be the first smartphone to be built in the U.S., with components coming from 12 states, but also from Taiwan (processors) and Korea (OLED displays). Most of the assembly process (around 70%) will take place in a plant near Fort Worth, Texas in a 500,000 sqft facility that belonged to Nokia, and which will employ 2000 people by August.

Interestingly, Woodside revealed that the phone will be smarter than others thanks to its sensors that will make it “contextually aware.” The device will be able to recognize some of the things you’ll want to do and it would set up for them accordingly. That may sound a bit creepy, but it’s right in line with Google’s recently improved intelligence in various services including Search, Maps and Google+ Photos. And, for what it’s worth, it also sounds very familiar since a rather old Google X Phone rumor did mention that the phone will get said contextual awareness.

Woodside also revealed some other interesting things for the more distant future, such as electronic tattoos and vitamin pills that could be used to turn the body into an “authentication token” for the phone. The pill would feed off of your stomach’s acids like an “inside out potato battery,” and thus it would be able to communicate with the phone.

The Moto X will apparently be the company’s flagship handset, which will take on the iPhone and the Galaxy flagship smartphones, but there is no official date as to when it will be formally announced and launched. Considering that hiring at that Texas-based plant will finish by August, the release date of the Moto X should be set much later after that, with Woodside saying the phone will arrive “by October.” In addition to the Moto X, other mid-range handsets will also be available from Motorola later this year.

We’ll be back with more details about the Moto X as soon as we have them, and considering that Woodside already spilled some of the Moto X beans, we shouldn’t be surprised to see the handset announced at some point in the near future.