Moto X

A new Google Play edition handset is coming and, as you may have guessed it, it’s going to be a version of the newly announced Moto X.

The handset will be available from U.S. carriers for $199 or $299 with new two-year contracts, depending on capacity, and will launch in late August/early September with a variety of U.S., Canadian and Latin American mobile operators.

The Moto X Google Play edition release date is not available just yet, but it’s supposedly coming “soon.” Its full retail price has not been made official either. However, considering that Motorola is a Google company, it makes plenty of sense to see the Moto X sell from the Play Store as well.

Unlike the versions that will be sold by carriers, the Moto X Google Play edition will be available unlocked and will ship with stock Android.

Some of the carrier editions will have certain bloatware installed, but at least they’ll run a close-to-stock Android version. However, it’s not clear how fast updates for the Moto X will be released by carriers.

It will be interesting to see whether the Google Play Store Moto X editions will be customizable, which is another detail left out by the company.