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Following the Moto X event last week, the development community was saddened to learn that the bootloader of the Moto X was locked. The next day, Motorola’s VP of Product Management, Punit Soni, took to Google+ to clarify the status of the Moto X bootloader. According to Punit, some variants of the Moto X will be have a locked bootloader and others will ship with a more friendly unlockable bootloader. If you haven’t figured it out yet, it boils down to carrier restrictions.

Versions of of the Moto X headed to Sprint, US Cellular, Rogers, and T-Mobile will have an unlockable bootloader. If you’re on Verizon Wireless or AT&T, you’re not going to be so lucky. Verizon will be getting a ‘Developer Edition’ of the Moto X, so there’s some good news. There was no mention of a specific AT&T ‘Developer Edition’ however a ‘North American Developer Edition’ was mentioned. We’ll go ahead and assume that it will work on AT&T and possibly other GSM carriers.

[quote qtext=”Perhaps this got missed in the launch hullabaloo … Moto X on the Sprint, US Cellular, Rogers and T-Mobile networks will have an unlockable bootloader, and in addition, we will be offering a Verizon Wireless Developer Edition and a general North American Developer Edition. Hope that clarifies some of the questions out there.” qposition=”center”]

Will these developer editions be available when the Moto X officially launches? We’ll let you know when we find out.

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