Moto X budget covers

Are these the swappable covers for a budget Moto X?

According to a user of popular Chinese blogging site Sina Weibo, the above picture shows interchangeable backplates for the Moto X. Those user changeable plates are widely rumored to be for a lower cost Moto X, which Motorola CEO Dennis Woodside has mentioned is coming at some point.

Those two pictured Moto X covers could also just be covers for a Moto X. In examining the teardown of the phone, it’s simply not (currently) possible to have user changeable back plates. The rear cover is glued, as well as clipped to the device. Even if Motorola would could alter the frame to allow for a different method of holding the back plate onto the device, there is still the nagging issue of the inner construction. The battery is not removable, and fiddling with the very exposed guts is not recommended.

These covers are said to be user removable, but offer no visual details on how that’s done.

These covers are said to be user removable, but offer no visual details on how that’s done. There is no shot of the underside of the covers, and if we look at the picture below, it’s more likely that those two covers are really just existing ones for a Moto X. Grainy as the picture may be, those don’t appear to be new colors, or new covers, to us. The speaker cutout is on the wrong side, too, but that’s probably due to a photo editing error after the fact.

A lower cost Moto X is coming, and we’re eager to see it, but it’s very difficult to believe these are user removable back plates for what would need to be a redesigned device. Changing the way a device is made, simply to allow for customization by the user, doesn’t seem like the order of the day. If user customization on the fly were the aim of the device, Motorola would have gone that direction from the beginning. Should these covers make their way onto lower cost Moto X devices, it’s likely they’ll simply be pre-fabricated phones.

Moto X Back Covers