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People who buy the Moto X will get 50GB of Google Drive space for 2 years

People who buy the Moto X won't just get all the big features discussed today, but also 50GB of Google Drive storage free for 2 years.
August 1, 2013
Moto X

Today is the big day for everything Moto X. The press release has come and gone and most people seem to be pretty excited about the Moto X. We’ve seen amazing customization options for AT&T customers, a Google Play Edition in the works, and a lot more. If you need another reason to like the Moto X then you’re in luck because Motorola and Google are going to give you at least one more.

According to reports, Google and Motorola are teaming up to give Moto X buyers 50GB of Google Drive space for free for 2 years. This is an excellent deal for cloud storage and an even better deal if you want to keep all of your stuff with Google. Of course, after 2 years you have to start paying for it if you want to keep the storage space, but we’re sure by then there will be more Google Drive deals to keep you going.

The promotion should be pretty easy to activate. Once you buy your Moto X, you simply log into your Google account and head into Google Drive. The app will see that you have a Moto X and give you 50GB of extra storage. Google Drive is one of the best cloud storage options out there. If you’re a storage minded person and are worried that the 16/32GB won’t be enough, this should help calm those worries.

It’s not the most exciting feature of the Moto X, but it’s still a really good one. If you pair that with the 20,000 songs you can upload to Google Play, you can carry almost all of your media on the cloud without ever touching your internal storage.