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Moto X (2014) unboxing and first impressions

Before diving into a full review, we take a look at the unboxing, and give you our first impressions of the Moto X (2014)!
October 1, 2014

The Moto X was one of the best smartphones released last year, offering a great user experience even while not jumping into the specs race that dominates the Android world. The latest iteration of the device, the Moto X (2014) does feature an upgrade in the hardware, bringing it in line with current flagships, more premium design elements, and of course, the fantastic software experience that we all loved in the original. Before diving in to a comprehensive review, today, we’ll be taking a look at the unboxing, and give you our first impressions about the Moto X (2014)!


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Opening the box, you’ll see the back of the phone in all its glory, which isn’t usually the case when unboxing a phone, but makes sense if you’ve used Moto Maker to customize the back to a special material, as I’ve done. I’ve been excited about getting the bamboo version of the Moto X since it was introduced last year, and was finally able to do so with the current edition.

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Moto Maker also gives you the option to add an inscription on the back cover, choose the colour of the trim around the rather large Motorola logo, and choose the colour of the speaker accents up front. Everything else in the box is standard fare, with phone documentation, a pin to unlock the SIM tray, a microUSB cable, and the wall charging unit.

First Impressions

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As far as the build quality goes, the metal frame adds more to the general build quality and design aesthetics of the new Moto X, giving it a more premium look and feel, compared to its all-plastic predecessor. It does add a bit of heft to the device, but not enough to be a bother, and the sturdiness is certainly welcome. The frame also separates the design of the front and the back, which is definitely helpful when it comes to customizing the phone, allowing you to mix and match elements without having to worry about it clashing. In the case of my unit, I chose black with green accents up front along with the bamboo back cover.

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On the back is of course the large Motorola logo, that is something that may not be for everyone. It comes with a dimpled design and a lining around it, but many might consider it a blemish on an otherwise clean back. On the back is also the 13 MP camera unit, with a chrome ring around it that houses the dual LED flash.

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When it comes to the handling experience, the noticeable curve on the back does allow for the device to sit snugly in the hand, but the flat sides of the metal frame, which are also very thin, makes it a little difficult to hold on to. I’ve already had an instance where the phone almost slipped out of my hand, solely because of how little real estate you have to grip the phone. It’s definitely not a major issue, but will require some getting used to. That said, it does look really nice, especially if you’ve customized it to suit your taste, and the build quality is certainly very impressive.

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I received my personal unit of the new Moto X, but I also got a review device, that gives me the opportunity to showcase the different colour options available to users. The review unit features a white front with silver accents, and a bamboo back as well, with a lighter shade. The lighter shade continues in the metal frame and the Motorola logo on the back, which will be the case with the white version of the device, to blend in with the overall aesthetic of the device.


So there you have it – a quick look at the unboxing, and our first impressions about the Moto X (2014)! Stay tuned with Android Authority for more coverage on the new Moto X, including the upcoming comprehensive review!