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Moto X (2014): Moto Voice setup - feature focus

One of the exciting enhancements of the new Moto X is its ability to detect custom phrases in Moto Voice. In this feature focus, Josh goes through his setup with you.
October 3, 2014


The new Moto X carries forward a number of great features from the original, including the always listening Google hotword detection called Moto Voice. This time around, Motorola let’s you choose a custom phrase. In this feature focus, we show you how we’ve setup Moto Voice on our Motorola Moto X (2nd Gen.)

X, Activate!

Moto Voice can be found in the app that is simply named ‘Moto’ in your application drawer. The first time out you’ll have a touch of reading to do to get through the expected user agreements and all that fun stuff, then you’ll be prompted to finish setting up voice control.

Following through the screens for setup, you’ll end up speaking your phrase to your new Moto X a few times. For best results, find a nice quiet place to run through this.

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Once setup, Moto Voice will follow you wherever you go, as the Moto X was the first phone built specifically to trigger voice control with a hands-free experience. It even works when your display is turned off, so make sure your custom phrase isn’t wording that you use frequently.

Moto Voice is a great way for Motorola to provide excellent integration with Google Now, but there are a few Motorola specific tasks in there as well, like the sleep mode that silences the phone.


The new Moto X (2014) (2nd Gen.) is a bit of a leap of an upgrade over its predecessor. Display size has increased to a 5.2-inch panel with 1080p resolution. The camera also bumped up a few points, bringing a new 13MP shooter on the rear. Where the new Moto X (2014) will really shine is with the bump to the Snapdragon 801 SoC and 2GB of RAM.

While Motorola bumped up a number of specs in a big way, the battery only went a short ways. Your new Moto X will be listening for your custom hotword all day on just a 2300mAh of battery. We’ll report on battery life soon.

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So far, we are loving this phone and can’t wait to put together our full review of the new Motorola Moto X (2014). For now, be sure to check out our unboxing and first impressions.

If you are still on the fence, keep in mind that this new Moto X has a little bump in price to match the new specs. You should expect to drop a little over $500 to get your hands on the Pure Edition with bamboo cover that you see here. Of course, a two-year contract will drop that down to just $100.

Time to sound-off, what is your best Moto Voice custom activation phrase?