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Moto X (2014), HTCOne M8, iPhone 6 and a few others take ‘the bend test’

In a new video that has hit the web, the Moto X (2014), HTCOne M8, iPhone 6 and a few other devices are subject to the 'bend test'.
September 24, 2014

Earlier today we reported on two videos from Unbox Therapy’s Lewis Hilsenteger, one which showed off the bending issue that is plaguing the iPhone 6 Plus and the other attempted to see if the same effect could be achieved when attempting to bend the Note 3.

Obviously these videos are more for entertainment than anything, and far from scientific, but the result was that the Note 3 didn’t show any damage at all and yet the iPhone 6 Plus clearly had a problem. If you’re curious how other flagship devices come out when put through a similar “bend test”, you’ll certainly want to watch Hilsenteger’s latest video above. In it he tests the One M8, the new Moto X and a Nokia Lumia. He also tests the iPhone 6 and iPhone 5S for good measure.

The end result is that none of these phones have the same sort of bending issues as the iPhone 6. What’s even more interesting is that there was one handset that didn’t even creak or flex under pressure at all: the new Moto X. Motorola’s recent devices have been known for being quite durable, so we can’t say we are too surprised, though Lewis Hilsenteger makes it clear he is very impressed with Motorola’s latest flagship.

What do you think of the iPhone 6 Plus “bendgate” scandal? To be expected from Apple’s first attempt at a massive handset or completely unacceptable and something that will cause long-term reputation loss?