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The much anticipated Moto X launched today on AT&T, but there’s a catch – you can only get the standard, black or white versions of the device for now.

If you were eagerly waiting to try your design hand on the Moto X, the good news is you can do so right now, though you won’t be able to buy the phone you created just yet., the web application that Moto X buyers will use to customize their acquisitions, is now live. There are two options displayed at startup: the first is “Redeem a Moto X Card”, which allows you to enter the code found on the coupon you get when purchasing a customizable Moto X from an AT&T store.

The second option is “Design now. Buy later”, which is self-explanatory. For reasons unknown, Motorola hasn’t flipped the switch on the customization program, as we expected it would, but at least you get to play with the app and save the design you want for later.

We’ve played with the simple application, and it gets the job done: choose the color of the back plate from three groups of colors – Cool, Neutral, and Warm, then pick between black and white for the front of the device, and finally choose the accents, which include the volume rocker and the ring around the camera. We opted for the mint and lime combination you can see below.

Other available options are picking a wallpaper from a small list of predefined images, choosing the storage capacity, and the color of the wall charger. You have the option to sign in to your Google account so the phone is delivered to you pre-linked, though in our experience doing so reset the customization process.

As announced earlier this week, the option to engrave a custom text on the back of the phone is not yet available, allegedly due to issues with quality control.

It isn’t clear why Motorola delayed the availability of the customized version or when it would become available, but it shouldn’t be long now.