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Lenovo is launching today the third generation Moto E, bringing a larger screen and other improved specs to the well-known budget series.

The most visible improvement over the Moto E (2015), which was released in February last year, is the display, which is now 5-inch (compared to 4.5-inch last year) and HD (compared to 540 x 960). Lenovo was keen to mention that the Moto E3 features a “built-in smudge-resistant screen protector,” though it’s not clear for now what that actually means.

The processor is an unspecified quad-core model and the battery has been bumped up to 2,800-mAh, from close to 2,400 on the E3’s predecessor. Lenovo also improved the camera on the Moto E3, which is now 8MP in resolution and features autofocus. You can expand the built-in storage space (also unspecified) with a microSD card.

The Moto E3 is treated with a nano-coating that repels water, which allows Lenovo to advertise it as “splashproof.” We wouldn’t recommend testing the effectiveness of this treatment however, as Lenovo advises against any form of submersion or exposure to pressurized water.

Moto E3 runs Android 6.0 Marshmallow, hopefully, in the same thoughtfully customized form we’ve come to expect from Moto devices.

In the UK, the Moto E3 will be available starting in September from Amazon, Tesco, Argos, O2, and other retailers, at a recommended price of £99 ($130). On a related note, Lenovo will also bring the Moto G4 Play to the UK. The device will cost £129 when it starts shipping in mid-August from Carphone, O2, Vodafone, Amazon, Argos, JLP, and others.

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There’s no info yet on when the Moto E3 will be launched in other markets.

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