motorola moto 360 leak (1)

New images of the Moto 360 reveal for the first time the wireless charging cradle that will ship with the smartwatch, and confirm several other details rumored in the past.

We’ve known for months that the Moto 360 will feature wireless charging (presumably of the Qi standard), but it’s the first time we see what the cradle will look like. The images below, published by Italian blogger Luca Viscardi, via, also show the back of the device, featuring a heart rate sensor.

Wireless charging could be a big selling point for the Moto 360, considering that the pin-based method used on the Gear Live and G Watch caused problems. Some users reported that the plastic bit holding the Gear Live into its cradle broke within days of usage, while others had to deal with the corrosion of G Watch’s charging pins (though LG released a software update that should alleviate the problem.)

The images seem to confirm that the Moto 360 will feature a stainless steel build, refuting a rumor claiming it will actually be plastic.

motorola moto 360 leak (3)

The back of the phone also shows the optical heart rate sensor (similar to the Gear Live’s) and confirm the device’s pedometer and IP67 water resistance rating.

The images above appear to be of a production or production-close version of the Moto 360, but if you’re looking for a better look at the device, check out our hands-on with an earlier model from Google I/O.

We expect Motorola to finally unveil the Moto 360 later this month. Like what you see?