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Latest Moto 360 update dramatically improves battery life

Reports are flowing in that the latest Moto 360 update is producing awesome battery life. Build# KGW42R is nearly doubling battery performance, will you buy the Moto 360 now?
September 29, 2014
moto 360 on charger review

We are hearing from a long string of Moto 360 users stating that the latest update to their Android Wear powered Motorola smartwatch has increased battery life in a big way.

The majority of conversation is taking place over on Reddit, with one of the most dramatic cases reporting 30 hours off the charger and an amazing 53% battery remaining.

To get this level of awesome battery life you’ll need to turn off Ambient Mode on your Moto 360. If that is not desirable to you, no worries, Ambient Mode has also undergone some tweaking, which will dim the display and run a minimal clock, that also has improved battery life, just nothing as good as when ambient is turned off, sorry.

The update we are talking about is Build# KGW42R. While looking at that software version on your Moto 360, tap on it to see that you are running Android Wear version


We were all worried when Motorola announced the specs of the Moto 360, then shortly after when it was revealed, and promptly disputed by Motorola, that the Moto 360 has only a tiny 300mAh battery installed. This battery size and some immediate reviews of the watch seemed would be the death of the highly anticipated round-faced smartwatch, reporting the need to charge the watch twice daily. Thankfully, this has proven false, with most users able to get through their day without much issue. Not even the ‘outdated’ processor slowed things down, as the Moto 360 is still sold out at most retailers.

The new update, in addition to new display controls, is said to poll Bluetooth far less frequently, resulting in another huge bump in battery performance. Here again, users are reporting that the Moto 360 is still working great as a Trusted Bluetooth Device to unlock your connected Android device.

If you are suffering poor battery life on your Motorola Moto 360, have a quick check for the KGW42R update.

Have you been holding off purchasing the Moto 360 because of the poor battery life reports? Will you grab one now? If you’ve got the watch and update already, let us know how it’s going for you?