When the Moto 360 launched earlier this month it was available in two colors, black leather and gray leather. Not too long after this we heard rumors about a gold variant, and while Motorola didn’t confirm its existence it did hint that they were at least open to new colors in the future. And now out of the blue comes a new color, but it’s not gold — instead the Moto 360 can now be found in stone leather.

The Stone Leather model has surfaced on Best Buy’s website, in stock and priced at the same $249.99 as the other editions of the watch. We can’t say we are too surprised to see Motorola branching out and releasing new colors, though it is worth mentioning that Stone Leather appears to be less of an addition to the family and more of a replacement.

A quick visit to Motorola’s website reveals that they are now only selling two versions, black leather and stone leather — with no direct mention of Gray Leather at all. Google Play still has Black Leather and Gray Leather as the only versions listed, though they are both out of stock and so it’s likely they just haven’t updated yet. Again we can’t say with any certainty that Gray Leather is gone for good, but it sure looks that way.

What do you think of the new Stone Leather model, how do you feel it compares to black and gray?

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