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Moto 360 rumored to come with an OLED display and wireless charging

The Moto 360 smartwatch could come with an OLED display, a sapphire glass face, and inductive wireless charging, according to an unnamed source who spoke with G for Games.
March 21, 2014

Motorola has been rather forthcoming with details about its new Moto 360 smartwatch. We already know about the device’s splash resistance, the orientation free design for southpaws, and Android 4.3 compatibility requirements. Now, an unspecified source as divulged a few more details about the device.

Speaking with G for Gamers, an unnamed leaker, who supposedly has a “flawless track record when it comes down to Motorola”, said that the Moto 360 will come with an OLED display, Sapphire Glass to protect the display from damage, as well as magnetic induction wireless charging.

We hadn’t heard anything about the 360’s display up until this point, but considering that Motorola highlighted battery life as key concern, an OLED displays makes a lot of sense. The display can dim and turn off individual pixels which helps save on energy consumption, compared with LCD where the backlight is always on. The choice of a Sapphire Glass protective layer is an interesting one, as other smartwatch developers have so far opted for the same Gorilla Glass screens used to protect their smartphone displays. However, Sapphire is a material often used in premium watch products, another reason why the Moto 360 might stand out above the rest.

Magnetic induction charging isn’t exactly a shocker either, Motorola already has some smartphone experience with the Qi induction charging standard. We’d already speculated that the Moto 360 would use some form of wireless charging due to the absence of a USB port, after all, what else could it possibly be?

I can’t help by wonder what impact all these components will have on the Moto 360’s price tag, as there’s a lot of high-end tech going into the device. If it turns out that the Moto 360 is priced right at the top of the market, would you be prepared to a pay a little more for a really high-end smartwatch?