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Moto 360 to come with Qi wireless charging

You won't have to worry about cables or charging plugs with the Moto 360, as the smartwatch will support Qi wireless charging.
June 24, 2014

Charging up your smartwatch has to be one of the strangest things to get used to when moving over from a traditional wristwatch. At least with the upcoming Moto 360 you won’t have to worry about keeping tabs on cables and charging plugs, as the smartwatch looks set to come with Qi wireless charging.

Although the Moto 360 itself has not yet attempted to navigate the regulatory maze that is the FFC, Motorola’s SPN5845A Wireless Charger passed through the FCC last month, with the Moto 360 itself appearing as the test equipment.  There’s also mention of the Motorola Micro-USB AC connection found on the device, suggesting that it has been designed preliminary for the smartwatch.

The paperwork that accompanied the “Motorola Wireless Charger” through the FFC contains some tell-tale signs of the Moto 360, including a rather crude circle sketch, the shape of the Moto 360, which reads “regulatory information appears here” apparently on the underside of the product. If that’s a little too questionable a piece of evidence, Motorola’s own letter addressing the FCC lists the charger as a Qi wireless charging device that is “intended for use with the Moto 360 wrist-worn device”.

So we now know that the Moto 360 will come with Qi wireless charging, but it is not yet certain in what other other ways you’ll be able to charge the smartwatch. Clearly, it’s unlikely that users will have a charging dock with them at all times, so Motorola will likely include standard USB charging too.

What do you make of wireless charging for wearables? Is it an essential feature, or a gimmick you’ll likely never use?