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The Moto 360 features a design that is far from traditional. Its circular shape will make it stand out amongst other smartwatches, but coloring is as classic as it can get. So far the device is only offered in silver and black, but new evidence proves Motorola may be considering releasing a golden Moto 360.

Users claim to have received an email from Motorola containing information about the beloved Moto 360. One of the images showed something a bit interesting – a golden Moto 360 render image.


Motorola quickly edited the image to get rid of any trace of this golden watch. The first edit simply gets rid of the golden watch image, while the second rearranges all the other watch faces to make the image look more uniform and balanced.

Motorola is not commenting much on the matter, but it seems there is obviously something to hide here. It would make sense to see more colors and designs coming. Especially considering big competitor Apple is releasing a varied range of customizable bands and different colors. Not to mention, gold seems to be one popular color for gadgets these days.

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