Gone are the days of forgetting doctor’s appointments, grocery shopping lists, and daycare pick-up schedules. Today’s moms are smarter and more efficient than ever.

The Modern Mom now more heavily relies on smartphone technology in running the household, making sure needs are met, errands and chores are done, and each family member is taken care of.

And, the Android mobile OS is the preference among moms–with nearly 3 times as many users as the iPhone. Do we hear a woot? :)

A host of applications have also been developed with moms’ special needs in mind. To stay in touch with family members, we have the Life360 app at our disposal. To help with organizing and keeping track of schedules, Mom can make use of the Cozi or Instant Playdates apps.

Just to illustrate how heavily our modern mothers rely on smartphones to help get them through the day, Life360 registered members were surveyed and the majority (52%) say they use their smartphones within 5 minutes of waking up.

A whopping 78% also say they do something on their smartphones before going to bed. Still, 28.7% would not give up their smartphones for something else even if it’s just for a day.  But, dangle a day at the spa as if it were a carrot in front of moms, and 32.4% would willingly forget their smartphones for a day.

Discover more fun new tidbits about moms and smartphones in the infographic created by Life360:

Are you a mom and do you use a smartphone?  What’s your preferred operating system?  And, what would it take to have you give up your smartphone even for just one day?

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