Rejoice all ye ICS and Jelly Bean users! XDA forums has provided yet another wonderful solution to rooting your device, via member Bin4ry. 

He said in a post on the site, “I made a small script which is able to root ICS/JB phones. It uses a remount timing issue in Androids “adb restore” service. So normally it should work on nearly all ICS/JB devices, for some it won’t but the idea may work in a slightly modded version.”

Now I know what you’re thinking: “Why would I risk bricking my phone when it’s already got the latest official release Android has to offer?” That of course, is a question every user has to answer for themselves, but there are a few benefits to rooting a phone such as installing custom ROMS. As for tested devices, it has been tried on a Nexus 7 and some Sony Xperia devices.

If you want to try it out on your own devices, the file is here and all you have to do is extract, select and open Runme.bat, and off you go! As always, if you do this and are successful, please do comment below.