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Report: The Galaxy Alpha could be the first in a new wave of metal Samsung smartphones

According go to sources from within Samsung's supply chain, the Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy S6 could both arrive with metal cases.
August 15, 2014

Samsung’s newly announced Galaxy Alpha made the headlines for being the smartphone giant’s first smartphone to come with a metal casing. However, according to rumors coming out of South Korea, the Alpha may be the first in a new wave of metal handsets from Samsung.

Sources from within Samsung’s supply chain are suggesting that the upcoming Galaxy Note 4 will also arrive with a premium metal frame. The same report also hints that next year’s Galaxy S6 flagship might appear with a new “all-metal design”, which would mark a major turnaround in build quality compared with this year’s questionable Galaxy S5 design.

Furthermore, a number of other smartphone manufacturers are believed to be hopping over to metal builds in the near future, in order to compete with the likes of Apple and HTC. Xiaomi’s upcoming flagship smartphone can be found amongst the rumors.

samsung galaxy alpha press
Rumors suggest that the Galaxy Alpha could be the first phone born from a new metal design ethos at Samsung.

Major metal case manufacturers based in China are apparently capable of producing around 1 million solid metal cases per month, which falls well short of the expected levels of demand that would be put on the market if Samsung, let alone other manufacturers, all chose to adopt metal cases in the near future. Instead, perhaps we will see smaller limited ranges of metal flagship devices put into production.

However, with global market trends suggesting that expensive flagship devices are falling somewhat out of favour, it is uncertain whether piling on additional manufacturing expenses is really what Samsung, and other manufacturers, should be doing in the current market environment.

Of course rumors are rumors, and at this stage it is impossible to tell what Samsung really has planned for its next flagship. Even so, is metal casing the big feature that Samsung needs to help turn its recent poor fortunes around, or do you think that the company is missing something else?