Intel Atom via regmedia

Intel Atom via regmedia

Just yesterday we bought you the news about AAVA Mobile’s reference design offering both ‘open’ hardware and software to OEMs allowed them to bring their Android devices to market quicker, and for cheaper. This reference design is both exciting and compelling because it is closely linked to Intel’s new Moorestown processor.

This chip is designed to be compatible with Android, and will be able to run up to speeds of around 1.5GHz for smartphones and perhaps up to 1.9GHz for tablets. It goes without saying that these chips will be able to offer support for the usual 3G/HSPA and WiFi connectivity, but also WiMAX/4G and better performing HD Video.

The problem with these super-chips are the fact that the battery life behind them is not quite up to what we would like. This gives room for ARM and Qualcomm to continue to develop their own mobile chips and retain their market control over Intel. It’s still early days, but the battle for the smarphone processor market is still very much on.

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James Tromans

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