A new rendering as well as some odd form factor details have emerged regarding Motorola’s MOTOSPLIT.  The anonymous tipster goes into detail about a Q3 release on AT&T’s network, identical specs to the BACKFLIP (which seems like a step backward for a phone releasing Q3) and how the actual side splitting keyboard is going to work.  Here are the exact remarks:

The keyboard keys are inset and probably have no tactile feedback, however, they should be quite easy to use. It looks like the cutouts are pretty finger-friendly, as they contour to the shape of a standard finger. Under those cutouts is a low-resolution monochrome touch screen, one for each side of the keyboard. This is where the finger presses. The contact area is small, but the plastic grid that surrounds it contours to the fingers. The label and function of each key can be changed to suit certain layouts and applications.

The keyboard has multiple orientations. The keyboard can be pulled from side to side for typing on a surface. A small kickstand angles the phone when typing in this manner. The keyboard can also be pulled to the left for a standard landscape layout. There is also a dial-pad layout.

The specifications are slightly different than previously posted. The MOTOSPLIT uses the same processor as the BACKFLIP. Every other spec is almost the same as the BACKFLIP.

In review, the rumor says that the keyboard will slide out in 3 different directions.  One direction looks to be the same design as the DROID, and the other 2 splitting the keyboard in half allowing them to slide out in landscape mode.  The keys are also recessed and provide no tactile feedback, but will be back lit and actually change depending on which direction they have been slid out from.  To go even further with the wackiness they are adding a kickstand that will prop the device up while typing in split landscape mode.  I don’t understand how this will work as the keyboard is still situated behind the screen.

It looks as if they are going with the traditional slider aspect to allow dialing and quick access (as shown on the front image of the rendering), but will now be able to include a fully featured physical keyboard.  The split feature still seems to be a mystery to everyone.  Are you guys getting excited for this one or is Motorola designing the rubix cube of phones here?

[via Phandroid]