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Despite Samsung’s continued and seemingly untouchable reign at the top of the Android food chain, the platform has never been more attractive in the eyes of handset makers worldwide. With the once mighty HTC taking a backseat, other manufacturers are taking advantage of the lull by strengthening their positions in the market, with many even making a financial comeback.

As reported by DigiTimes, the following Android manufacturers deserve a mention for successfully turning things around.

Starting with LG — we learned from its Q4 2012 financial report, which it shared with the world last month, that its smartphone shipments grew 23% from the previous quarter to 8.6 million units. This helped the company post $2.58 billion in revenues in Q4, the highest of the year.

Some of the strongest performers include the Nexus 4 and Optimus G, as well as the L-series smartphones.

Then there’s Lenovo, which is rapidly making its presence known in the Android universe. According to the latest data, the company has finally returned to profitability in Q4 2012, the first time after being in the red for quite a while. Lenovo now holds the runner-up position in the Chinese handset market.

Other companies that are expected to return to profits this year are Sony Mobile and ZTE, with both projected to ship 50 million handsets in 2013. We’ve seen some very promising and delectable offerings from the Xperia maker as of late, which gives some hope that 2013 will be Sony’s breakout year.

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