The Samsung Galaxy S3 Rumor mill has brought us some new stuff to talk about this morning. It looks like someone in the Samsung support department (that deals with support downloads) made a mistake. If you look in the image above you will see the model number “GT-i9300” which is more then likely the Galaxy S3, since it does not belong to any other phone so far that Samsung has announced.

We still are not sure when Samsung will be announcing and launching the Galaxy S3, with sales of the Galaxy S2 still doing very well it looks like they want to push back this launch a bit so it doesn’t cannibalize the sales of the Galaxys S2. Maybe Samsung has gone back to the drawing board a bit so it can launch the Galaxy S3 with Ice Cream Sandwich instead of Gingerbread like many of these other manufacturers did at CES.

Yesterday during Samsung’s earnings call they announced record breaking profit, and they are now the number one target in Apple’s eyes.Let’s see if they can continue to break their own records with the Galaxy S3 and whatever other phones and tablets they launch in 2012.

Do you still think Samsung will be launching the Galaxy S3 at Mobile World Congress next month in Barcelona? Let us know in the comments what you think.