It was a sad day when I had to get rid of my Samsung Galaxy S5. We’ve all gotta upgrade sometime, but I still miss it. Okay I guess it didn’t look as good as later models, but I loved the replaceable battery. If I was heading out for the day it was always handy to have a spare on hand.

Fortunately The Mophie Powerstation 8X Battery Pack is the next best thing. Or maybe even the better thing.

This battery pack is thinner than your smartphone, and yet the 15,000mAh capacity is enough to charge your device 8 times over (hence the name). That makes it one of the thinnest and most powerful external batteries out there.

The folk at Mophie really have thought of everything.

It has dual USB ports so you and your friend can both charge your smartphones at the same time, maybe while grabbing a few hours sleep at a music festival. It has 15W output too, so it can detect what device is plugged in then charge at the optimal speed.

Our favorite thing about the Mophie Powerstation is that it’s Bluetooth enabled and comes with a handy app. When you connect to it you can see how much longer it will take to charge your device, and how much juice is left in the battery itself. The folk at Mophie really have thought of everything.

Actually, scratch that. Our favorite thing about the Powerstation is the offer we found! Usually retailing at around $150, it’s currently available for just $79.95. Don’t hang about though, it’ll only be at this price for a few days.

Get your hands on your own Powerstation now by hitting the button below.

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