Moov Fitness Tracker

Let Moov be your next personal trainer. Early fitness tracking wearables were designed to go with you, but they provided little to no information about your progress until you returned home to analyze the collected data. Moov changes this by adding real-time analysis and useful audio feedback on the go. Just like a personal trainer or fitness couch, Moov will help you keep time and congratulate you on a job well done during a great workout.

Moov Fitness Tracker
Improving the experience, your real-time collected data is compared to data collected by tracking the flow of professionals, enabling Moov to provide recommendations to improve your exercise. Sensors detect your form and can even tell if you are standing properly upright while running, or pulling an arm short while swimming. By working with real trainers and athletes, Moov is even smart enough to teach you how to compensate for any injuries you may have.

Moov is a 1.5-inch disc that you strap to yourself in various places based on the exercise you are doing. At this time, Moov is specifically designed to offer you advanced support for 5 activities – biking, cardio boxing, running, swimming and weight training. Yoga and golf should be available soon too. Each activity comes with an individual companion app for your smartphone that is built specific to maximize your results.

Throughout MWC this past week, we saw a lot of wearables announced. Most of these wearables were smartwatches that happened to include some health and fitness abilities, like the Samsung Gear Fit. Although features such as live heart rate sensors provide great health monitoring, only Moov offers real-time recommendations for you, instead of expecting you to accurately interpret the data collected.

To perform its task, Moov contains a predictable set of powerful sensors, with an accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer. With the sensors and Bluetooth onboard, battery life is expected to last 8-10 hours. With this battery life, it is no surprise that Moov is really only designed to be worn when you are actively exercising. Moov has a planned release this summer for $120, but you can pre-order now for half that. Bulk discounts available. Companion apps will be out for iOS this summer as well, unfortunately, however, Android apps are not expected until the fall.

Do you think you would take exercise advice from your smartphone, or would you prefer to stick with a real person?