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Moonlight Runner makes its way to the Google Play Store

A new indie game has arrived on the Google Play Store! For $0.99, you can get yourself a copy of the beautifully crafted Moonlight Runner.
January 23, 2013
moonlight runner

Moonlight Runner, created by independent developer Eyad Khader, landed on the Google Play Store a couple of days ago. While the game has made its way to Google Play, it is still under development. Eyad Khader notes in the description, “A NEW LEVEL will be added every week; so stay tuned.” It is assumed that all of the features are in place despite the lack of levels available.

The game is unique with a few similarities to the critically acclaimed Limbo. Thankfully, the game hasn’t taken on the black and white art style Limbo is known for. On the contrary, Moonlight Runner boasts of beautiful artwork.

Like most Android games, Moonlight Runner is a simple game. On your journey you need to get as far as you can to get the highest score. Collecting golden bugs, finding hidden paths and avoiding enemies will add to your score. To avoid enemies, you simply tap to jump over them. Imagine a 2D version of the grueling game known as Temple Run, but much easier.

Moonlight Runner costs a mere $0.99. You can click this link to grab it. This is a purchase you will not regret. It’s a steal too when you consider new content is being added on a weekly basis.