Even though many don’t like Instagram, it has a use that people find palpable. A place where photo enthusiasts can share their lunch pictures in relative peace. Heaven forbid the reaction if all that nonsense started showing up via regular social networking channels. There is a new app coming out that looks to be like Instagram, but for videos and it’s called Montaj.

The app premise is pretty cool, actually. The company founder, Demir Gjokaj, stated that Hollywood Movies are shot in clips that average about 5 seconds. So the Montaj app emulates this by only capturing 5 seconds of video at a time. This may seem restrictive, but the point is small, easy-to-share videos. Usually if you’re shooting a 15 minute video, it’s going on YouTube anyway.

Once all the 5 second segments are captured, users then have a story board interface where they can put the videos in any order they want. This includes deleting 5 second segments they don’t want. You can also add things like music, filters, and other various edits. If you’re feeling particularly lazy that day, you can shake your phone to randomize everything.

In addition to the fun video editing, there is also a social community. You can share and view videos made by other Montaj users or your friends on Montaj. Of course, sharing via Facebook and Twitter is a given. The Android version will likely include Google+. Videos are uploaded to YouTube and marked as unlisted until the user says it’s okay to share them. If it becomes successful, then we’ll get to watch people eating lunch, instead of just pictures of it.

Does Montaj stance a chance of success?

They seem to have all their ducks in a row, so to speak. They have where the videos will be uploaded covered and if the story board editing is half as fun as it sounds, then they have that part covered too. However, as Tech Crunch’s Ryan Lawler points out, many apps have tried and failed to fill this niche.

The app is set to release on iOS on January 22nd. For Android users, we’ll have to wait until Q2. This is likely for compatibility reasons. By developing an iOS 6 app, you’ve covered all relevant iPhones. Developing an Android applications requires a little more work to make sure it works on most devices. So alas, we are left waiting again.

You can see more about Montaj at their official website. When this does come out, will anyone be giving it a shot?

Joe Hindy
Joe Hindy is known as the 'app guy' around these parts. He also likes to branch out and talk about a variety of other topics from gaming to TV tech, and more.