Samsung has released a new Galaxy S4 advert, this time with a Monsters University theme. The ad, which has long sequences from Disney’s latest blockbuster made by Pixar, underlines some of the S4’s features while using video clips and pictures from the 3D animated film.

For example, Air Gesture is shown-off while swiping through a series of promotional shots for the film. Smart Pause is demoed when a user reaches for a coffee while watching the trailer. Sound and Shot, Group Play and Drama shot are all like wise used with footage and images from the film.

The 97 second advert ends with a link to a Disney Galaxy S4 mini-site which contains a series of games designed to promote the S4’s features like Smart Pause, Group Play and Dual Shot. Once you complete all three games (and watch each of the promo videos from Samsung) you can enter a competition to win a Samsung Galaxy S4.

Congratulations are due to Samsung’s PR team for putting this all together, but the irony around this whole adventure is so thick you could cut it with a knife! For those who don’t remember, Pixar was a company which was financed by Steve Jobs. After a string of hits the company was finally bought by Disney in 2006. As a result Steve Jobs became a board member of Disney.

I wonder what his reaction would have been to the idea of Samsung teaming up with Pixar to promote an Android phone!