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Looking to free yourself from the wall charger? Monster Watts WiQiQi charging receiver brings wireless Qi-compatible charging to your Samsung Galaxy S3, Note 2 or even the upcoming Galaxy S4. Better yet, it manages to do this without requiring you to replace the back cover, meaning little to no noticeable bulk added to your phone.

Samsung has already announced an official add-on wireless kit for the Galaxy S4, but it uses a replacement back cover, which Monster Watts claims could potentially get in the way of working with other accessories such as cases. For those that prefer official accessories whenever possible, you might be better offer with Samsung’s wireless solution when the Galaxy S4 arrives but that’s totally up to you.

If you do have your heart set on getting this accessory for the Galaxy S4, Monster Watts plans to have the S4 kit available sometime in early June, priced at $88. You can get it even cheaper at $55 by pledging to their Indiegogo page.

For the Galaxy Note 2 and Galaxy S3, the kits will ship later this month for $78. Pledging now will land you the accessory for just $45.

If you do order the kit early through Indiegogo, the company guarantees it will ship to you in the near future. Monster Watts says they already have dealers lined up, with or without the funding from Indiegogo.

What do you think, interested in Monster Watt’s unique wireless charging solution or not?

Monster Watts Introduces Lightweight, Paper-Thin WiQiQi Wireless Charger for Samsung Galaxy S4

NEW YORK, April 10, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Monster Watts, an innovator of power accessories for Apple and Samsung phones, is introducing the WiQiQi ultra thin wireless charger kit for the Samsung Galaxy S4, S3, and Note 2.

The Samsung Galaxy S4, S3, and Note 2 are recognized as the most advanced wireless phones on the planet, and yet they still need to be plugged in to charge the battery. WiQiQi ultra thin receivers fit under the phone back covers and keep the original thin body and lightweight designs.

Wireless charging has been available for a few phones and has proven to be very useful. Users no longer forget to charge their phones or fumble with the plug at night. No more accidents from pulling the charger out of the wall to answer a call, breaking the connector, or dropping the phone.

Samsung has announced that it will have a $100 wireless charger add-on package for the S4. However, their receiver is inside a new thicker replacement back cover, which makes it probably unable to fit into most cases and docks. Other add-ons come with even bulkier cases.

In comparison, the WiQiQi receiver weighs just 1/5 of an ounce and is paper thin. It achieved this due to the thin, high-quality components and tough packaging. Unlike other receivers, the contact points are brass studs, which conduct electricity better.

The Galaxy phones have easy-to-remove back covers, and the WiQiQi receiver installation is just a simple matter of lining up the contacts next to the phone’s battery. The back cover snaps back on with no added bulk.

The WiQiQi system is so convenient and easy to use because you just place the phone on top of the compact Qi standard compatible induction technology charging pad and, like magic, they will wirelessly connect and start charging right away.

The WiQiQi Wireless Chargers for the Samsung Galaxy S4 will be available in mid June. Kits for the S3 and Note 2 are available mid April. The charging pads will be forward compatible with future Qi standard wireless charging enabled phones.

In an industry first, for anyone that has an S3 phone and purchases a WiQiQi S3 wireless charger set from an authorized dealer, Monster Watts will accept the WiQiQi S3 wireless receiver for trade in towards the cost of a new WiQiQi S4 wireless receiver.

WiQiQi S4 wireless receiver and charger kit. The wireless receiver comes with the matching Qi compatible wireless charging pad. Model WQS4. Retail $88.

WiQiQi S3 wireless receiver and charger kit. The wireless receiver comes with the matching Qi compatible wireless charging pad. Model WQS3. Retail $78.

WiQiQi Note 2 wireless receiver and charger kit. The wireless receiver comes with the matching Qi compatible wireless charging pad. Model WQN2. Retail $88.

Exclusive Early Bird Discount Offer

Monster Watts is offering discounted prices for Early Bird orders of the S4 kit to be delivered in early June, with prices starting at $49.99. S3 kits to be delivered in mid April will also be included in this discount offer, with prices starting at $44.99.
This discount offer is available on either or and is limited to 2,000 units each.

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