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Deal: Moment gear is 20% off for 72 hours, including smartphone lenses

If you're looking for a Moment deal, the company's official site is slashing 20 percent off almost every item of gear it sells.
November 26, 2018
Moment lens on smartphone.

No matter how terrific your smartphone camera is, it will never be as good as a DSLR if only for one simple reason: the lens is just too small. Since smartphone lenses bring in less light than DSLR lenses, you’re simply not going to get as good of a shot.

However, what if you could snap a lens onto your smartphone to simulate a DSLR experience? That’s the whole idea behind smartphone accessory manufacturer Moment, and for Cyber Monday 2018 the company is slashing 20 percent from nearly all the gear on its website.

Additionally, Moment is offering worldwide shipping for only $5. That’s right, no matter where you’re shipping your new gear or how much gear you buy, it will only set you back a fiver.

While this 20 percent discount and $5 shipping option naturally applies to gear created by Moment, that’s not all Moment sells on its site. In fact, it sells smartphone accessories from 14 different brands across over 150 products — all of which are also available for 20 percent off.

To get the 20 percent discount and $5 shipping deal, you need to enter the promo code 72HOURSALE at checkout.

If you need some ideas for cool gear to get, check out this list of highlights:

This Moment deal only lasts for 72 hours (ending at 12:00 AM PST on November 29, 2018). You’ve got some time to decide, but don’t delay too long! You don’t want supplies to run out.

Don’t forget the 72HOURSALE promo code!