Courtesy of Droid Life

Last week we reported that an update to AT&T’s HTC One X version brought an interesting modification to the core functionality of the phone. Till the update, users that wanted to access the menu in certain apps were presented with an ugly black bar at the bottom/side of the screen, that featured that three-point icon that some of you might know.

HTC implemented the black bar as a workaround for a big problem – while Android 4+ deprecates the use of the menu key/on-screen button, not all apps have been adapted to work with the new control scheme. For these apps, HTC’s One devices show the black menu bar, which is not only ugly, but also takes up precious real estate.

The customers’ complaints have not gone unheard, fortunately, as a software update now lets users of the AT&T One X access the menu functionality by long-pressing the multitasking button. Those who actually like the menu black bar can keep it if they prefer.

According to AnandTech, all HTC One X and HTC One S devices will eventually receive the modified firmware, although HTC did not provide a schedule for the rollout. Moreover, it’s not clear if the One X variants from Sprint and Verizon (the HTC EVO 4G LTE and the Droid Incredible 4G LTE) will get the update, but frankly, I can’t see why that wouldn’t happen.

AT&T readers, did you get the new update? Do you prefer the long-press to the black menu bar?

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