They teased and teased and teased and finally they decided to buck up and do the deed. We’re talking about the folks at Gameloft, who’ve just unleashed Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour onto Google Play.

The fourth title in the first-person shooter franchise comes to Android a little over a year after Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation and less than a week after making its way to iOS devices. Still, you can’t really complain about “delays” of weeks, especially when it’s obvious Gameloft put a lot of thought into making Zero Hour as unique of a game as possible.

And although you can’t say there are a lot of innovative functions or features in MC4, it does have the makings of a great shooter game, possibly the best in the series. The “storyline” and “plot” are definitely as simple as they can be, but hey, who plays these games expecting mind-twisting riddles?

What you expect is thrilling action, frightening villains, a lot of gore, blood and combat and MC4 delivers beautifully in all those departments. The multiplayer has definitely come a long way from Modern Combat 3, being now redesigned from the roots, while the visuals are far more impressive than ever.

Hardcore old-fashioned gamers should definitely also appreciate the two different playing modes, where you can alternatively be the good guy and the villain, while the little things, like sound effects, controls and weapons, have been improved themselves, albeit not as significantly as the multiplayer.

Unfortunately, there are a couple of things that don’t work this time around either. First off, Zero Hour is a whopping $6.99 in Google Play. Also, there are a lot of people complaining about an “error 941” blocking the downloading of the game.

The glitch happens every so often and it’s not just limited to a number of specific devices, so you can imagine how uncomfortable it is. Now, we wouldn’t go as far as say Gameloft botched up this release as Rockstar did with GTA : Vice City, but it’s definitely not our idea of a perfect launch either. Too bad, Gameloft, you really seemed to have a winner there!