Modern Combat 4

Excited about the upcoming Gameloft title, Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour? You should be.

In order to pump fans up about the game, the developers have released what they are calling “the Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour dev diary.” Below you find the first part in what will be several videos that help give us a deeper look at MC4.  More than likely, the videos will lead up to the official release later this fall.

So what is different this time around? We will start with the usual suspects, which includes better graphics and better player movement through what the developers are calling a “tactical movement system”. Surprisingly, Gameloft  also tells us that storytelling will play a much stronger role in the newest title. This includes introducing “a multi-dimensional aspect” to the game. What does that mean? Basically, the story will switch between playing as the hero character and the lead villain, Edward Page.  It isn’t clear how much or how often the story shifts to controlling Page, but this is a pretty big difference from previous titles in the series and sounds rather intriguing.

Does the dev diary episode peak your interest in Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour?