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Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour details about new weapons, maps, and perks released by GameLoft

There is no better way to get gamers excited about a game than releasing details of some last minute features. GameLoft has done this with Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour. Recently announced was new maps, features, perks, and weapons that will leave Android FPS more excited about the release.
November 8, 2012
modern combat 4
It can be said without a doubt that Android games have gotten a lot better. Back in the day, Android devices had classics like poker and Tetris. Now, there are full featured games that are getting closer to being comparable to console games. The newest game in the very popular FPS series Modern Combat will be released soon. Called Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour, it promises to be the best Modern Combat yet.

GameLoft has decided to sweeten the pot about their upcoming release by releasing some new details about the game. On their official website, the Modern Combat folks have posted about Modern Combat 4.

Some of it is pretty exciting. The Modern Combat 4 blog talks about all the level 40 perks now being accessible to see in the specialization section. There are now sticky grenades, new guns, and new maps to have fun with. The new level 40 perks include Intervention, Stealth, Front Line, and Support. Each one gives an XP bonus when the right action is done. If that isn’t enough, they have also added turrets, ground and air drones, and stealth bombers to their Support features.

These new features are awesome, when will Modern Combat 4 be released?

GameLoft has stated that the game will be released any day now. Of course, those reports came out a month ago. So while everyone waits for the release date, it’ll be fun seeing what new features they plan on adding between now and then. Is anyone excited about the release?