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MobiTexter: Browser-based SMS manager

March 29, 2012

Typing your message on your Android phone could sometimes require a bit of effort and precise finger coordination. Unlike wider screens of Android tablets, the smaller screens of Android phones makes the keyboard keys stick closer together, making it a difficult feat to type your text messages faster. But with MobiTexter installed on your Android phone, you can now compose your messages faster by utilizing the full-size keyboard of your computer.

MobiTexter syncs all your contacts and text messages, making them accessible on your computer’s web browser. You can instantly read new messages, compose messages, and send SMS messages from your desktop. With a full-size keyboard, you can now compose text messages faster and send them right from your computer. You won’t be needing to touch your phone with MobiTexter installed on your Android phone.

Before using the Mobitexter app, you will need to register and create a MobiTexter account. This account will be used to access MobiTexter on your computer’s web browser. The app will also require you to enter your desired email account.

After making an account, you can now choose to sync all you contacts and text message from your phone into your MobiTexter account. All synced contacts and text messages can be seen by logging into your account at Take note that you will be needing an active Internet connection on your phone to use this app.

You can read your text messages from your phone under the Inbox tab on MobiTexter’s web page and also compose your messages here. To send a message, identify your recipient and type your message on the message box. Click Send when you are done typing your message.

MobiTexter also allows you to view the actual text messages on your phone right on your browser. Just go to Messages and view all your synced messages. You won’t also need to touch your phone once a message arrives. MobiTexter instantly updates your messages so you can view new SMS right on your computer.

Unlike other SMS applications, MobiTexter uses your phone number when you send your messages. You won’t need to worry when either using your phone or the computer when sending your messages. The app also comes ad-free and doesn’t attach ads to your messages.

Download MobiTexter: easy SMS from PC for free at Google Play Store and compose your messages faster with a full-size QWERTY keyboard.

Are you going to use MobiTexter to compose your messages or keep you friends waiting for your reply?