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Mobiroo: What if you could pay $5 and download as many apps as you wanted?

Apps are great. We love them, you love them, so why not make a service that allows you to download as many paid apps as you want, for one low monthly fee?
March 5, 2013

There’s a company out in Canada that wants to take a business model we’re all familiar with, monthly subscriptions, and bring it to the relatively young market of third party applications. It’s called Mobiroo, and here’s how it works: You sign up for the service, which is $2.49 per month for a limited time, normally it’s $5, and then you can download as many applications from their app store as you want. According to the official press release, some apps in the store cost as much as $20, so you’re actually saving quite a bit of money.

What types of apps are in the Mobiroo store? We don’t really know. They say that there are some EA games in there, as well as apps from publishers such as Herocraft, Vector Unit, GameHouse. There’s also a free seven day trial which we need to investigate at some point later today.

Will this take off? That’s incredibly hard to say. Everyone knows what happens when you buy a new phone. You spend the next few days hunting for apps, you find the ones you like, and then that’s it, you stop consuming. Sure, you might hear about a game from a friend or on a tech site like this one, but you don’t spend time just scrolling through new apps like you once did.

We’re extremly curious to see how Mobiroo pans out. Subscription music is one thing, we’re all huge fans of Spotify here at Android Authority, and subscription movies are obviously a win, we can’t tell you how much we all love Netflix, but subscription apps? It’s one of those concepts that sounds good on paper, but in the real world it’s just … strange.