• Converts photos of business cards into text and stores relevant contact info categorized in your address book
  • Converts photo or image of any type of document into a PDF file
  • Can translate documents into 54 different languages
  • Sends documents to Google Docs, E-mail, Document folder and MMS
  • 6 Supported Languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian and Russian
  • ‘Image to PDF’ & ‘Google Docs’ capabilities
  • Augmented reality feature

Any full-fledged business person will appreciate DIOTEK’s MobiReader Pro. The application is a business card & document OCR (Optical character recognition) that lets you instantly capture, document, and organize everything from business cards and contacts to entire documents, easily and effectively.

The app size is quite big. The APK is approximately 8.8MB and after installation, it takes about 17MB of storage space. This may prove a challenge for users with older phone models that have a limited amount of space for apps. MobiReader Pro is capable of recognizing up to 6 different languages, allowing you greater flexibility in terms of contacts management – which should make the app size a small matter for users who really need a power tool for contact management.

Converting Business Cards

MobiReader Pro works well as a business card reader. It’s one of the best I’ve seen and used. MobiReader Pro is perfect for users who are looking for a tool to manage and organise their business contacts on-the-go.

To challenge the app, I pitted it against 3 differently name cards of different designs. I was quite satisfied with the result. It was very accurate, apart from a few minor mistakes. I’m sure most OCR users will double check the information before saving them, so it shouldn’t be a problem. The app also seems to miss some punctuation here and there, but I don’t think it affects the overall accuracy of key information. Good work here DIOTEK!

It’s actually very easy to capture a business card. Just select “scan business card”, align the card according to the guiding lines, and it automatically does the capturing to you. If you prefer to manually capture, you can turn off automatic capture in the settings too.

It’s so simple to use, you can be capturing cards within a few seconds of app installation.


As I mentioned above, minute errors do occur occasionally. However, the business card holder view allows you to view the captured name card in a more organised manner. This view will definitely work better for most people as it allows them to see all of their cards in just a few swipes.

Capture Documents & Convert To Text Or PDF

Apart from business cards, MobiReader Pro can also capture documents and convert them to PDF. I’ve tested this and found out that it works better in portrait, while capturing in landscape could be done by tapping the document icon, and this automatically tilts the guiding line 90 degrees clockwise for landscape mode. After capturing a document, you can tell it to recognize selected areas, letting you convert certain portions of your captures into text or pdf. In practice it’s especially useful, and I found myself using it throughout the day whenever I came across a useful piece of text that I wanted to capture for later, or share with my friends or colleagues.

One extremely valuable feature in this app one that really blew my mind was the ability of the app to self correct any images captured. Not all photos are taken accurately, nor are they taken from a direct, heads-on perspective. As such, having the ability to correct those images is really a sight to behodl, and in practice, it works extremely well. For Photoshop users, think “free transform”, but for Android phones! These corrected images can be then saved in the PDF format, and shared from there.

Augmented Reality View

Captured name cards also appear in the AR view, though I’m not sure if it detects the address or requires an actual GPS location on the name card. It’s a nice feature if Google maps is your primary navigation tool. The AR view shows you to view the distance of said contact from your current location, which is a plus, if you need to plan your journey to meet these important people in your contacts.

Wrap Up

The app costs about 4.58usd in the Android Market. I think it’s affordable compared to a physical business card holder, and it’s certainly more useful. If you’re the type of person who is constantly on-the-go, this app is highly recommended and works very well. That of course, depends on the nature of your job. If you’re a sales person, and cannot afford to lose your contacts or if you have to constantly share the useful data you discover while on the move with others, then I would suggest getting the app. Unfortunately, there isn’t a lite or free version for you to try out. Still, it’s one of those apps that raises the bar in what it does, and we give it a solid two thumbs up!

Also checkout their official demo video:

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